The word of the president

Welcome to the website of the Bridge Forum Dialogue

In his memoirs Jean Monnet rightly observed: “Nothing is possible without men, nothing is lasting without institutions…” Luxembourg has always been at the centre of the building of Europe, from the very start, both through the commitment of individuals and through the presence of a number of Community institutions and agencies. In such a propitious environment it was only natural that a forum for discussion should emerge aimed at bringing together the supranational institutions and agencies, the national institutions, the live forces of the country and the academic world.

Created at the beginning of 2000, the Bridge Forum Dialogue has worked to fulfill that aim. It stimulates dialogue and thus reflection on questions which concern Europe. Major current topics such as European monetary policy, the eastern enlargement of the European Union or the significance of new technologies in a rapidly changing economy have already been addressed in this framework. The subjects are presented by speakers from the monetary, financial, economic, political and university worlds. This Internet site serves to announce forthcoming events and to make available to you the texts of the speeches made by the guest speakers.

Since its creation, the Bridge Forum Dialogue has organised around three conferences per year on various topics linked in particular to the European construction.

The organisation of our association is only possible thanks to cooperation between a number of institutions. I wish to thank all those who have contributed to this venture, and I am convinced that the quality of the dialectic which has opened up will continue to develop through future events.